How to make silicone wristband

From:Amy 2016-12-21

 How to make silicone wristbands


Do you know how to make silicone wristband? Let me show you


1. Mixing the silicone color pigment and platinum curing agent

with silicone rubber together to cured the silicone rubber and let the silicone

rubber have basic color.


Please do not add the color pigment and curing agent at the same time.

 Our curing agent is two component, Pls add B first and mix, than add A in and mix again. 



2. Cutting the silicone rubber to piece and weigh.


The shape and weigh of silicone rubber is also important. The silicone rubbers length,

thickness and breadth should be closed to silicone product. The closer you make the

higher yield you will get.




3. Compression moulding to make silicone rubber cured.


There has four factor effect silicone rubber cured: Vulcanized temperature, Vulcanized

time, the pressure of the machine, the speed of operation.


Vulcanized temperature: if the temperature is too low, the silicone rubber can not

be cured. If the temperature is too high, the silicone rubber will become brittle and deformation.


Vulcanized time: if the vulcanized time is too short, the silicone rubber will be

incomplete vulcanized, large deformation, easy to whitish and short life. If the time is too

long, it will worsen the hardness and strength. The silicone rubber will become brittle.

The time and temperature are based on your products thickness, thick silicone product

need long time and low temperature to vulcanized.


The pressure of the machine: enough pressure can press the whole silicone rubber in

the mould when the mould clamping. And it can avoid the water vapour become bubble

when cured. If the silicone rubber is high hardness and poor fluidity, the pressure should

be high. But if the pressure is too high, it will damage the knife edge. It is based

on moulds shape size to choose the pressure. Small mould need smaller pressure to

protect the machine.


Operation speed: the silicone rubber start to vulcanize once it contact the heat mould. If

the mould is multi-homed, the speed to place the first silicone rubber to last one should

be very fast and it will make silicone product perfectly



4. Trim silicone rubber on the edge


5. Use silicone screen printing ink to print the Logo and pattern

on silicone wristbands.


Why silicone screen printing ink can’t stick on the silicone



The following picture will give you the answer.



Or using silicone spraying ink to make colorful silicone swimming



6. Spraying silicone soft touch coating to protect the silicone rubber

surface and make it have soft touch.




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