sensitive adhesives

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sensitive adhesives


Over the years,with the development of industry,adhesives and adhesive tape industry is also rapidly developing.Production and consumption of domestic and foreign adhesive tape are very large,but the adhesive tape production,regardless of quantity and variety are not enough,cannot meet the needs of rapid updating of science and technology and industrial development.

Organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive is better than the other organic pressure sensitive adhesive resistance to chemicals,heat resistance and dielectric performance,and in the highest temperature of all pressure-sensitive adhesive (short-term service temperature up to 300℃).The temperature range is the widest (-75~260℃). In addition,in view of its no corrosion of metal corrosion resistance, good resistance to weathering,the skin to stimulate performance,it has be widely used in medical field and industries.In modern society,it has become a new polymer materials in national defense and the economic field of national indispensable.        

This test make use of 107 silicone rubber (5×104 mPa. s), MQ methyl silicone resin monomer as raw material.Dibutyltin dilaurate as the initiator,with continuous drop of initiator method to synthesize the overall performance of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.It's research the type and amount of monomer,monomer ratio,the amount of catalyst,amount of crosslinking agent and other factors on the amount of the property pressure-sensitive adhesive(180°stripping force,resistance to aging,etc.)effects.

Results of this study showed that the synthesis of the best recipes of Silicone PSA

is:mass ratio of 107 silicone rubber (5×104mPa.s) and MQ silicone resin is 8:2,Toluene as solvent,it's dosage is 40% of the total mass,dibutyltin dilaurate is 0.4%,BPO is 3%.In this recipe,synthesized of organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive comprehensive performance is the best. 

Keywords: Organic silicone; silicone rubber; Silicon resin; pressure-sensitive adhesive