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FAQ About Primer Tackifier

From:admin 2014-03-04

1. Is there a nactivating agent for silicone rubber?

Yes, K770,K770-3,and K770-5 are the strong primer for silicone rubber .


2. could you find an activator for double sides adhesive tape, 3M 94?

Sure,KLB's CL-14A-1 and CL-14A+ can work for  any kinds of double sides adhesive tape, 3M 94 efficiently.


3. Do you have any primer for self-adhesive silicone film?

Well,we have CL-24S-3 primer for film.


4. Any Primer for plastics,PU,TPU, metals, glass, fabric, leather...

Of course,pls feel free to contact,  contact:Joanna, skype:klbsilicone628


Activating the material surface for better bonding, better adhesion performance  

Widely Industrial Use.

All silicone rubber products.

Most area: 3M 94; Kitchenware;  Silicone encapsulation; Silicone plastics products; Double sides adhesive tape; Self-adhesive tapes; Silicone pad; Electron, Electrical appliance etc. Widely used.