highly glossy                                 

high adhesion                                

great flexibility                               

abrasion resistance                        

excellent heat resistance                

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Application Group

Upon request,KLB is supporting customers for specific applications and guidance.

With state-of-the-art equipment and unique know-how, our teams are able to select the best solutions in the laboratory before testing on-site. This helps to determine, with your team, the optimal solution for your needs. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of the evolution of standards and current regulations. They are capable of giving you regulatory assurance for all the most demanding applications.

KLB has set itself the mission of partnering its customers in jointly developing tailor-made solutions to best meet their functional requirements. KLB understands your desire for differentiation, and you will be amazed by how our systems can help. What we care about is what you need, put our team to the Test!

Silicones are high-performance oligomers or polymers that can take a variety of physical forms, ranging from solids to water-thin liquids and semi-viscous pastes, greases and oils.

  Liquid Silicone Adhesive

            Peroxide curing agent           DBPH            Anti-yellowing curing agent          Odourless curing agent
            Platinum cross linking agent  Platinum catalyst           
            3M tapes primer         Double side adhesive tape primer        94 primer       Silicone primer    Plastic primer        Metal primer    
            PU primer      TPU primer
            SUS adhere to uncured silicone     Aluminum adhere to uncured silicone     Copper adhere to uncured silicone
            PC adhere to uncured silicone        Nylon adhere to uncured silicone             ABS adhere to uncured silicone      
            PP adhere to uncured silicone        Fabric adhere to uncured silicone            Glass adhere to uncured silicone
            Epoxy adhere to uncured silicone
            Silicone pad printing ink                 Silicone rubber spray coating ink                 Silicone Screen Printing ink       
            Silicone rubber electric conductive coating                       Silicone soft feel touch coating 
            Liquid silicone rubber pigment           Silicone color master batches          Neon silicone rubber pigment     

  Silicone Rubber Raw Material Series

            It's one type of silicone rubber raw material which can be made of various silicone rubber products.
They are noted for their ability to function in conditions that would literally destroy conventional material. Silicones display a host of unique properties that can lubricate, seal, bond, release, defoam and encapsulate. They can even insulate, waterproof and coat. They conduct electricity. They won't harden, crack peel, crumble or dry out, rot or become brittle with age.
Silicones, in their many forms, are used in the following sectors: